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The difference between Contact and Contract is the R for Relation and Respect.
Let’s start there.

We say what we do and we do what we say


You will have a talk with one of our specialists concerning flexible workforces. No commercial talk. A talk in which at the end of the conversation insights will be gained  and where we get clear what your objectives and (im)possibilities will be. This will be shared with you in a report with conclusions and short and long term actions.

Inventory / Audit

Compliance Factory helps companies and the self-employed to be compliant. On the basis of an internal analysis, also known as an audit/review, a report is produced in which procedures with regard to contracts and compliance, with current regulations, have been checked and the correct obligations have been identified. The report can be used for various Dutch certifications like NEN-4001/4002 (SNA) Bovib, ISO-9001.


Companies may have reasons not to hire external workforces via a third party (Intermediary, Broker), but they need the knowledge and approach to be able to do so. We offer a White-label model that provides knowledge and services under their own name. We deliver tooling, documents, processes, etc. with your own characteristics.  


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Saved for customers

For years, customer satisfaction has been higher than a 9. Something we are proud of and like to let you know.

If you want to use our White-label model and you want us to represent your Back-Office activities, we would be happy to discuss that.
Our infrastructure and experience can and will save you a lot of money!

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